Wednesday, May 9, 2012

'Mick'- 1970s Teak Cabinet

'Mick' has come a long way since I picked it up at the junk yard a few weeks ago...

Here's a reminder of how the cabinet was in it's original state:

I love mid-century modern furniture and this cabinet was a truly unique find, but I knew that it's character could be brought to life a little bit more!!

I chose:
-light grey for the exterior casing and interior drawer
-a chalky violet for the inside and around the rim of the doors
-aqua for the base and to freshen up the original handles and interior hanging shelf

 And now you may be wondering why this cabinet is called 'Mick'... well I ended up chatting about David Bowie and Dancing in the Street by David Bowie + Mick Jagger came up in conversation. It's a song that's on my Ziggy-making-playlist and when I watched the music video for Dancing in the Street for the first time in years, I couldn't believe that Mick Jagger is sporting a get-up in exactly the same colours as I was painting the retro cabinet! ... the song must have subliminally inspired my colour choices! 

David Bowie + Mick Jagger- Dancing in the Street

So that's the story behind 'Mick' the teak cabinet!

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