Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bringing Back... Brick-a-Brack!

Along with my newly redesigned furniture, I'll also be selling some redesigned Brick-a-Brack!

I've got a thing for kitchy-clutter and can't go to a fair, flea market or charity shop without picking up some form of figurine or trinket box!

Here's the latest addition to my personal collection:

Brian + George

But china dogs aren't really Ziggy's thing (even though Diamond Dogs + China Girls are..!)

Instead, I've had some fun sourcing some dusty, vintage home accessories with hidden potential!

Here's the before shot of a few pieces:

And, Do-do-do-dooo! Here's they are in the after shots... fresh + fabulous!

Block coloured to match the furniture (as we can see from them being shown on top of 'Audrey'- the 1950s table!) they are now much more desirable and oh so retro chic!

They'll be up for grabs on Saturday at the Funk Fair at Holy Corner in Edinburgh. Come along!

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