Wednesday, May 9, 2012

'Audrey'- 1950s Table

Oh how I love 'Audrey's delicate frame!

She is heavily inspired by her 1950s roots... the fabulous fifties are a big trend in interior design at the moment!

Here's how she looked when I first got a hold of her:

She was pretty but tired, wobbly and not very funky... but she's as good as new and as fresh as a daisy now!!

Looking at vintage adverts:

pinned here

 And 1950s retro interiors inspired my block colour choices:

pinned here

And, of course, there is one particular Audrey who became my muse!

pinned here

(This lovely table was actually donated to me by my Aunty Audrey, so there was a bit of name inspiration from her too!)

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