Saturday, May 5, 2012

Drama Queen!

I have had a few very productive days at Ziggy HQ, getting everything in ship-shape for next Saturday's fair... so much so that at least one piece might be 100% finished and photo ready by the end of tomorrow! Exciting!

But this productivity has come at a cost... whilst de-upholsering (is that a word?!) the ottoman and battling with some very stubborn staples, my hand slipped and I stabbed myself, full force, in the thumb!

I am notoriously clumsy and don't normally bother too much about my injuries, and I don't know if it was the pain or the continuos bleeding that caught me off guard, but today's injury almost caused me to faint! I went all sweaty and light headed and had to lie down with a glass of water!!

I felt very silly and over dramatic and it looked very similar to the scene above.... although the dashing young man was replaced by my heroic step-mum who took charge and saw me through it! My dad just called me a drama queen and told me to get on with it... 

But anyway, my thumb is still attached, the bleeding has ceased and the furniture is looking pretty, so maybe I just better man up and take my father's loving advice!

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