Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome to my online sketchbook!

To kick things off I'd like to tell you a bit about me... I'm currently in Venice working at the 54th International Biennale as an Information Assistant for the Karla Black show. I am having a great time and it's such a wonderful experience. On the rare occasion that the gallery is quiet I have not much else to do but think... I've been doodling in my notebook and I have realised that when I get home I really want to pursue my creative skills in the form of my own little business. I want to begin the venture as a hobby at first but work as hard as I can and see how far I can take it.

Although my background is in Fine Art, I have always been drawn to furniture and quirky bits 'n' bobs. I am certainly not afraid of a saw so I want to combine my eye for finding objects with a bit of character together with my creative flair and hands on approach to make one of pieces for the home.

I'll be sad to say goodbye to Venice (I've been here for 7 weeks and only got 2 left to go!) but I'm really excited to get home, get my hands dirty and start making!

Stumbling through blogs and websites I've come across loads of inspiration to get the ball rolling.

Lushlee is a particularly pretty site and although I am keen to source unusual, ornate knobs and handles for up-cycling furniture, it just goes to show that a little paint and some sanding can work wonders!

Martha Stewart eat your heart out.

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