Sunday, November 20, 2011

poodle brains

I am not the type of person who gushes over pictures of animals (although I did just buy a tacky ornament of a cat that looks just like mine...) and this blog will not become pet orientated. BUT everyone in Venice has a dog and even though I have a beautiful one at home called Jeff, I'd like a little fluffy puppy to keep me company here!

With dogs on the brain, I have been discovering lots of crafty, up-cycling pooch related projects which are beginning to convince me that a dog would help inspire my creativity... and is therefore a necessity.

I found this make shift dog basket here on Better Homes and Garden's 'Furniture Transformations' slide show... it used to be a bedside table! Everything else on the slideshow is pretty inspiring too...

A crochet garland for above the dog's basket... awww. It would probably start to smell quite bad quite quickly but at least it looks pretty! I found this on Bees and Appletrees blog here

And what dog is complete without a custom made lead?! The how-to was found on Purl Bee's blog here.

Ok, before you think I've gone barking mad I'll stop.

(but for the record this is the one I want!)

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