Friday, November 25, 2011

Off the wall!

I like a neutral wall- a clean, blank canvas that allows a personal injection of fun. Whether it's pops of colour, an eclectic mix of ornaments, vintage frames or, in my case, sets of brass flying ducks!

I've come across lots of inspiring and unusual approaches to wall art on my travels through the Internet and here are three examples that really grabbed my attention:

Whilst browsing Lonny magazine's wonderful website, I found this image by interior designer Lisa Sherry.

image found here.

A large frame (that would take up most of a wall) hosts little doodles of photo-frames in different shapes and sizes. Within these drawings found images, feathers and real photo-frames feature to create an opportunity for an ever-changing and personal mood-board and feature. It is a relaxed structurethat leaves plenty room for creativity.

Next up, inspiration from Funkytime.

image found here.

Inspired by Kari Herer's illustrations, Sibylle at Funkytime decided to make a piece of wall art for her bedroom. She literally only used 2 black pens, some faux flowers and a bit of glue. Find the 'how-to' here. It's a simple idea but it really adds a new dynamic to a plain white wall.

And last but by no means least, Payton Cosell Turner.

image found here.

Featured in ELLE Decoration's September issue, Payton Cosell Turner creates wall art installations from individual stickers! Click on the image and you will see that it's made up of everything from apples to ladders to bears! This was a commissioned piece for a bedroom and its a wonderful alternative to wallpaper... All you need to do this yourself is a crate load of pretty stickers, a steady hand and the patience of a saint! Payton, I take my hat of to you.

An alternative to wallpaper; these are quite literally 'off the wall'!

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