Friday, November 18, 2011

I ♥!

Being in this limbo period of not being able to get stuck in and start making until I get home, I've got lots of time to trawl through DIY blogs and get inspired. I want Ziggy Sawdust to be about up-cycling vintage furniture as well as making retro inspired pieces myself so I got a bit excited when I came across Design Sponge's DIY project page.

An Anthropologie store has recently opened on George Street in Edinburgh and my friend Sylvie and I spent an afternoon looking at all their beautiful things, planning what our homes will look like when we become rich and famous... and with the odds of that happening anytime soon being pretty slim, discovering a way to make this side table myself has made me really happy!

Would you believe that this started out as on of these cheapo Ikea mini chests?

Find out how to do it all here!

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