Monday, February 4, 2013

Ziggy Sawdust: Future Positive

Today has been a very exciting day, with the launch of Future Positive's first project... which is all about Ziggy Sawdust!

Back in December, Jakub and Igor from Future Positive came out to my garage/workshop to film a little documentary about me and Ziggy. We had a really fun and hard working day, starting at 9am on a Saturday and not finishing until about 5pm!

Future Positive is all about showcasing young creative people in business and highlighting the fact that although the economy is in a sorry state, it is possible to create opportunities for yourself. I am really honoured that they chose me to be the subject of their first interview and I am so happy with the end result!

There is also a written interview that can be found by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the pictures!

Thank-you Future Positive for doing such a wonderful job!

Watch out for their up and coming projects... these guys are going places!

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