Monday, December 17, 2012

'Twiggy'- redesigned 1960s dressing table

If I could have picked the decade that I came of age in, I would have picked the 60s... the fashions, the music, the cultural shifts have always strongly appealed to me! I went through a stage when I was 17 of having cropped hair and wearing chandelier earrings, extremely thick false eyelashes and a long leopard coat in the style of Edie Sedgwick... but thats another story!

So when I was first introduced to this 1960s dressing table, I just had to snap it up! It was in fantastic condition with just a few scuffs and scratches to the drawer faces and the handles had become tarnished with age... I also couldn't help but think that it could be funked up a bit, to bring out it's retro charm even further!

Channeling a Space Age-y vibe, here is how she turned out:

The mirror can be removed so she can become a sideboard too!

And with legs like those and all that 60s pizzaz, it was easy to pick a name for this piece!

Ziggy + Twiggy... a match made in heaven!

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