Monday, July 30, 2012

'Ella'- Redesigned Vintage Sideboard

I think it's about time I put 'Ella' in the spotlight!

She has undergone quite a transformation! I loved her when I first seen her in her original state but she was very much stuck in the past and I was keen to highlight her pretty curves and give her a contemporary-meets-retro feel.

Here's how she looked when I first picked her up... heavily stained + varnished with some broken, hinged olde-worlde handles!

Before I start a redesign, I like to look at the shape + structure of a piece of furniture and break it down into parts in my head! I then choose colours to highlight all the different components to help show off it's original craftmanship.

I absolutely love her scalloped back board, Queen Anne legs + curved cabinet doors. This piece has lots of vintage appeal! 

I have created a band of sky blue around the middle of the sideboard, including the doors + back;   painted the drawer faces rose pink; sandwiched these parts between a navy top + legs and painted all of her interior grey.

I have topped it all off with lovely hand-made handles from Anthropologie to tie in the colours + create an off-beat finish!

from Anthropologie

And who inspired this piece of redesigned Ziggy Sawdust furniture??  Ella Fitzgerald!

Vintage florals, feminine curves + full of soul ... she's definitely an Ella! But my colour combination was inspired by this Color Collective image:

I wonder what will inspire my next piece...

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