Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm in i-on!

Very, very excited to be featured in i-on Magazine's Interior Design Special this month!

Kind words and a very nice photo of 'Mick' the cocktail cabinet and 'Elton' the Elephant... along with one of me coincidentally matching my furniture exactly!

We're on p.36-37 and you can have a wee read by clicking here

This is my favourite quote from the piece:

‘“I saw men offloading Mick Jagger from a van into a junk yard, and I just knew I had to have him”, says Amy. Don’t worry, The Rolling Stones front man hasn’t been kidnapped, ‘Mick’ is an old cocktail cabinet. Saving old furniture from the dump isn’t just a hobby for the young designer, it’s a business.’

... If only it was the real Mick Jagger (circa 1965) that I'd kidnapped!

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