Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eggstra! Eggstra! read all about it:

Easter has been and gone but I've still got a few pictures that I would like to share!

I have been very busy working on my Ziggy Sawdust creations and things are starting to take shape... a few more days of hard work and they will be ready to make their camera debut!

But in the meantime, here's a little insight into my fun, family easter weekend:

Every year my family get together in Edinburgh to roll eggs, catch up and eat some good food. I have plenty of childhood memories of my sister and I sitting at the kitchen table with our paint sets, decorating every egg that my mum could find in the fridge! As we got older, this routine started to fall by the wayside and there was a few sad years where we ended up rolling undecorated boiled eggs... but this year I took matters into my own hands! I dug out some bright nail varnishes, glitter and made use of my treasured Japanese Washi Tapes to bring back family egg decorating with a vengeance!!

When I went to get started, I found that one of the eggs had been decorated by the hen that laid it! Sadly, as I only had 6 eggs to play with, I had to pull the feather off to give it a more glamourous make-over... but here's how it turned out! :

Then I got cracking with the Washi Tapes:

... and then used a nail art pen to make this one look like it was from a little speckled hen


Cluck! Cluck!

And here's how they all looked together:

The religious tradition of rolling eggs down a hill has become slightly skewed in my family, and instead eggs get thrown down the hill and directed at those who choose not to participate! 
(All in the name of fun of course- there have been no A&E visits... yet!) 

Here's an action shot:

Can you spot the flying egg?!

We normally throw eggs up and down until they smash but the Washi Tape seemed to make my eggs invincible!

With half my eggs still intact, I guess I won the game... yippee!

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